1.1 Introduction

WAAS Alliance is based on the experience of more than 300 exchanges that Chainup Group has served for 3 years. It encapsulates the underlying blockchain wallet into a complete set of WAAS services, including asset custody, node service, main chain currency development, one-click access to popular currencies, co-managed wallet, lending and financial management and other functional services.

WAAS Alliance through API, SDK and other forms for the third party partners to provide fast, low-cost integrated WAAS services (up to 200 main chain unlimited coin acceptance, coin issuance and other functions); At the same time, the third-party partners can also carry out asset management through the Web-side visual interface (https://waas.chainup.com), and more abundant financial products are available for you to use.

At present, WAAS Alliance has more than 500 customers, involving various industries, such as blockchain industry: exchanges, project parties, miners, OTC, lending and so on; Traditional industries: games, real estate, live broadcasting, e-commerce, supply chain, media, etc. Customers who join the WAAS Alliance can enjoy many advantages such as [0 commission fee] and [second transfer] between members of the Alliance.

1.2 Vision

The WAAS Alliance aims to build an open bank in the blockchain field by building a global financial clearing system across the main chain and project parties, sharing the flow of the members, reducing the costs of the members and improving the utilization of the assets of the members. Let blockchain connect everything.