Overview of HiCoinΒΆ


HiCoin is a wallet solution under ChainUp, which focuses on the digital currency wallet solution and provides a full range of the ecological service system. It rapidly builds a customized wallet within 10 seconds from the very beginning.

After two years of development, HiCoin has accumulated service experience for more than 100 wallet customers, covering more than ten industries and providing three major solutions:

  • All-in-one Wallet Solution
    HiCoin supports the functions of 24 functional modules and more than 200 full cases. A complete set of closed operation loop covers the project cycle from user fission to token consumption, financial derivatives, etc., and provides open API to expand wallet ecology infinitely. For more information, please refer to< All-in-one Wallet Solution>。
  • Asset Custody Solution
    Three-tier wallet system, multiple defense mechanisms, financial-level security/risk control system, convenient API access - all of which combine to provide a complete trusteeship scheme. For more information, please refer to< Asset Custody Solution>。
  • Payment Solution
    Three detailed payment solutions contribute to opening the payment channels of deposits, and payments via QR codes in online and offline stores. They enable BlockChain to connect more scenarios. For more information, please refer to< Payment Solution>。

By utilizing the open platform and application plug-ins, HiCoin enables connection between the token economy and scenario applications, and expands more financial derivatives (brokers, leverage, transactions) to create the financial ecology. It integrates data information of 100 exchanges, jointly build a super ecology and share super market information.

As to security, we provide a range of safeguard solutions which include more than 30 defense mechanisms such as three-tier wallet system, DDoS defense, and flow cleaning, based on the mature data risk assessment experience of 100 partners and the top risk control system.

This article was proofread by Ryan.